Batch Code CYC0202 - Coconut Yellow Curry Tuna

Coconut MilkThai KitchenMade from the pressing of fresh, ripe coconut meat, our coconut milk is naturally processed in Thailand without preservatives or additives.
Albacore TunaCharleston, ORPole caught, adolescent tuna travelling down the pacific coast.
Butternut SquashStahlbush Farms, ORLocated in the heart of Oregon's lush Willamette Valley, Stahlbush Island Farms is an environmentally friendly farm and food processor committed to sustainable agriculture.
OnionOregon/Washington FarmsGrown and processed in the Pacific Northwest. Because our region grows such an abundance of onions, they are collated from several farms and we can only trace back to the processing facilities - which are regional.
Lemongrass PureeSupherb Farms, San Joaquin Valley, CA SupHerb Farms is thoroughly committed to being the leading supplier of high quality, natural frozen culinary herb and specialty vegetable ingredients for food manufacturers and foodservice operators in North America.
As an agricultural-based business, we recognize our responsibility to be a conscientious steward of the environment and to make positive contributions to the well-being of our community.
Fish SauceRed Boat
The purest form of Pho Quoc sauce that is sourced from Vietnam’s island famed for this delicious juice. This video is a fascinating minute long look.
GarlicChristopher RanchElmira, CA is the largest garlic growing region in the country
Lime JuiceNielsens' Concentrates CaliforniaA frozen, pulpy concentrate lemon juice without chemicals, coloring, preservatives or off flavors.