Batch Code SCD0301 - Salmon in Chardonnay Dill Cream Sauce

Fall Run Chinook SalmonFV Punkin', Youngs BayOur Fall Chinook are harvested in Youngs Bay, part of the estuary of the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon. Captain Martin Rice of the Fishing Vessel Punkin' hauled these beautiful fish in with his nets. We chose these fish because it is a terminal fishery - meaning all the salmon we use are returning hatchery bred fish. The use of these fish virtually eliminates the issue of by-catch as wild salmon do not enter the bay, but rather return upstream to their spawning grounds on the Columbia River.
CreamAlpenrose DairyAlpenrose collects its milk exclusively through the Willamette and Yakima Valleys. They bring together the milk from several farmers and the separate the delicious cream for our sauce.
ButterLarsen's CreameryLarsen's Creamery is a leading private butter manufacturer and packaging company in the Pacific Northwest. They source almost exclusively from local farmers and make a fantastic product.
Chardonnay WineCooper Mountain VineyardsThis Organic and Biodynamic vineyard makes fantastic chardonnay in Beaverton, OR. They are as passionate about grapes as we are about fish.
Onions, Green PeasWashington / OregonGrown, Processed and Distributed in the Pacific NorthWest.
CapersRoland Inc.Grown in Turkey.
DillMalatesta FarmsMalatesta is an herb farm located in Troutdale, OR.
Lemon JuiceNielsens' Concentrates CaliforniaA frozen, pulpy concentrate lemon juice without chemicals, coloring, preservatives or off flavors.