Batch Code SCD0302 - Salmon in Chardonnay Dill Cream Sauce

Fall Run Chinook SalmonF/V Punkin - Youngs Bay, OR Our Fall Chinook are harvested in Youngs Bay, part of the estuary of the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon. Captain Martin Rice of the Fishing Vessel Punkin' hauled these beautiful fish in with his nets. We chose these fish because it is a terminal fishery - meaning all the salmon we use are returning hatchery bred fish. The use of these fish virtually eliminates the issue of by-catch as wild salmon do not enter the bay, but rather return upstream to their spawning grounds on the Columbia River.
CreamAndersen Dairy, Battleground, WAStarted in 1967, Andersen Dairy gets all of his milk from four farms – two of which they own and are located right in Battle Ground, the other two are in Camas, OR and Clark County, WA. They are kosher certified and they specialize in a slow pasteurization process, which they attribute to the best tasting cream in the industry.
Chardonnay WineCooper Mountain Vineyards, Beaverton, OR
This Organic and Biodynamic vineyard makes fantastic chardonnay just outside of Portland. They are as passionate about grapes as we are about fish.
Onions, Green PeasOregon/Washington Farms
Grown and Processed in the Pacific Northwest. Because our region grows such an abundance of these ingredients, they are collated from several farms and we can only trace back to the processing facilities, which are regional.
Grown in Turkey.
DillNash’s Farm –Sequim, WA Nash’s Organic Produce has been growing healthy food, saving farm land, and training future farmers for over 30 years. The team at Nash’s produces over 100 varieties of vegetables, fruits, grains and animal products.
Lemon JuiceNielsens' Concentrates CaliforniaA frozen, pulpy concentrate lemon juice without chemicals, coloring, preservatives or off flavors.