Batch Code SSS0401 – Smoked Salmon & Smoked Oyster Chowder

Smoked Pacific OystersT&S Oyster FarmsConsidered by most experts to be the cleanest oysters available on the Oregon Coast, because Netarts Bay has exceptional water.  Harvested and produced by T&S Oyster Farms, a small business that consits of Todd Riggert and his Wife Leisha.  Todd goes out every day in his skiff and harvests the oysters by hand.
Smoked Fall Run Chinook SalmonFV Punkin', Youngs BayOur Fall Chinook are harvested in Youngs Bay, part of the estuary of the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon. Captain Martin Rice of the Fishing Vessel Punkin' hauled these beautiful fish in with his nets. We chose these fish because it is a terminal fishery - meaning all the salmon we use are returning hatchery bred fish. The use of these fish virtually eliminates the issue of by-catch as wild salmon do not enter the bay, but rather return upstream to their spawning grounds on the Columbia River.
CreamAlpenrose DairyAlpenrose collects its milk exclusively through the Willamette and Yakima Valleys. They bring together the milk from several farmers and the separate the delicious cream for our chowder.
Onion, CornOregon/Washington FarmsGrown, processed and distributed in the Pacific NorthWest
Potatoes, CeleryUSAGrown, processed and distributed in the USA
FennelSupHerb Farms, CALocated in San Joaquin Valley, CA SupHerb Farms is a leading supplier of high quality, natural frozen culinary herb and specialty vegetable ingredients.
Red Bell PeppersCaliforniaYikes! We were unable to find red and yellow bell peppers grown in the PNW. We are working very hard to resolve this for our next batch.
GarlicFry Family FarmThis is a family run, organic certified farm based in Talent Oregon.
Lemon JuiceNielsens' Concentrates CaliforniaA frozen, pulpy concentrate lemon juice without chemicals, coloring, preservatives or off flavors
Hot SauceTabascoThis classic hot sauce brings a bit of zing with only the simplest of ingredients.
Fish SauceRed BoatThe purest form of Pho Quoc sauce that is sourced from Vietnam’s island famed for this delicious juice.
ThymeMalatesta FarmsThis is an herb farm located in Troutdale, OR.