Hi. We love fish.

We believe that not only is seafood ideal for our bodies, but it’s incredibly delicious and fun to eat when prepared in a mindful way. Unfortunately, we also know that our world is changing and the very food that sustains us is at risk. We believe that by creating seafood entrees that are sustainable, local, affordable, healthy, and delicious we can create a “brand family” supporting a seafood industry that works hard to protect our watery habitat and help fish populations thrive. Join us! Life is tasty here.

Duncan Berry – CEO

Duncan Berry, as the CEO and co-founder of Fishpeople in Portland, Oregon, is the vision and voice behind the environmentally conscious products. With a mission to make the community as a whole better through business, Berry brings a passion for seafood, sustainability, and community involvement to his work at Fishpeople.

Raised in Portland and on the coast at Gearhart, Oregon, Berry developed an early love of seafood during his summers working as a salmon fisherman in the Pacific Ocean. After attending Evergreen College and founding Firesign Design and A2Z Apparel, he discovered his entrepreneurial skills as the CEO at Apparel Source, his successful $60-million-a-year textile company. Several years later, he sold Apparel Source and moved back to the Oregon Coast, where he founded Ecosystem Services LLC, an environmental consulting company responsible for monetizing the ecosystem services provided by seas, watersheds and coastal temperate rain forests.

Fishpeople began during Berry’s stint on a community panel designing and reviewing the Marine reserve at Cascade Head on Oregon’s coast. This experience highlighted how troubled the iconic fisheries industry was, so he embarked on a 12 month, 5,000 mile journey, crisscrossing the state and interviewing people in every step of the supply chain, from dock to dinner plate. After asking what was working and what was not when it came to seafood, the answers he received formed the foundational principles of Fishpeople. He quickly, realized that people needed to rediscover their relationship with the sea and with seafood and that a brand was the most powerful way to do so. Shortly after, Fishpeople was born.

With a serious focus on where fish comes from, Fishpeople’s sustainable seafood meals come in four delicious flavors that don’t sacrifice quality or pan fresh flavor. When Berry is not at Fishpeople, he serves on a board he and his wife founded that manages the 529-acre Westwind site with two miles of Pacific Ocean waterfront. In his spare time, he also likes to fish (go figure!), garden, sea kayak, write and volunteer for environmental causes.

 Kipp Baratoff – COO/CFO

As a co-founder of Fishpeople, Michael “Kipp” Baratoff brings a highly developed skill set as well as a passion to create change through business.  For over 14 years, Kipp has charted a career at the intersection of finance and sustainability. His commitment stems from his belief that integrating human and natural systems is not only critical to delivering superior risk adjusted financial return, but also to delivering food, water, shelter and energy to communities across the globe. He has found that manifesting change, personally or in business, has required a willingness to listen to old stories and a willingness to trust in the creation of new ones.

In 2011, Kipp founded Sea Dragon in order to invest in and build companies that integrate human and natural systems; Fishpeople is one of those companies. Prior to Sea Dragon, Kipp served in a variety of investment and operating capacities. He served as a Fellow at Meyer Memorial Trust, a ~$650 million foundation, designing and implementing the Trust’s economic development investment strategy intended to use grants, program-related investments and endowment corpus to promote prosperity throughout Oregon. Prior to his Meyer Fellowship, he served as President of Gerding Edlen Sustainable Solutions, a subsidiary of real estate development firm Gerding Edlen. He managed a team dedicated to developing distributed infrastructure projects, including a 4.8 MW roof top solar deal in New Jersey. In 2007, Kipp and David Chen developed a set of tools for mission related investing for Meyer Memorial Trust. These tools helped form the investment thesis that drove the development of Equilibrium Capital Group, a holding company that owns a portfolio of real asset managers. Kipp served as a Principal at Equilibrium Capital Group for three years as part of the founding team. Kipp began his career at Cambridge Associates, LLC where he specialized in all aspects of portfolio monitoring, planning and investing for several large universities and pension plans’ dedicated private equity programs.

Jodie Emmett – Brand Manager

Growing up on her family’s apple farm in Michigan, Emmett de Maciel has always been around food. Even though she remembers how much her dad loved seafood, it was reserved for special occasions and holidays until she moved to Seattle after getting her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies at CU Boulder.

A passion for international development led to a position with Cross-Cultural Solutions in New York and then The Pangaea Project in Portland – where she played a key role in building these organizations from the ground up.  In 2011, Emmett de Maciel received her master’s degree from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute in sustainable business.  With her relevant background in food, experience and training in business management and an awareness of global and local food systems, her transition to Brand Manager of Fishpeople was seamless.

Jodie loves speaking authentically about how Fishpeople connects people to the sea by engaging in conversations about the connections between food, the community and the environment.  When she is not at Fishpeople, she runs a small farm business with her husband and enjoys quality time with her son.

Mike Marshal – VP of Production

Mike has been involved in seafood production since 1978.  His work history includes almost every production title possible including President & General Manager -  as position which he held with Newport Shrimp Company.  Mike has worked in production with nearly all major seafood found on the Pacific Coast, but his greatest passion was oysters.

Mike previously owned his own oyster company called “The Last Place on Earth” which produced extremely high quality oysters which were sold to Tavern on the Green, Aqua Grill and other world-famous restaurants.  Mike is passionate and caring about Pacific Ocean Seafood.  “I had access to the finest fresh fish his whole life while working in the seafood industry.  I intend to make that same relationship available to everyone who buys Fishpeople products.”

He has been married for over 30 year to Pamela, the love of his life who has tolerated his seafood addiction and is herself a seafood manager for Fred Meyers in Newport.  Together they have raised two boys and spent the majority of their lives together on the Oregon Coast.  Mike is an avid bowler with an average above 210.


Terri Siner – Finance & Operations Manager

Terri Siner was raised on a ranch in the Mid-Willamette Valley Area of Oregon, growing up around herds of beef and sheep.  She graduated from Oregon State University, and has developed her skill set in a variety of industries.  Her prior positions have included Controller or Accounting Manager in the real estate, mortgage and specialty construction industries.  Terri has a passion for developing accounting systems that serve the better good of the companies she has dedicated herself to.  She loves working with people and being part of organizations that have strong values and a clear vision for success. Terri has acquired the wisdom, knowledge and expertise necessary to solve today’s most compelling business challenges.

A mother of two, Terri has balanced her career with the ability to be a devoted Mom and wife never wavering when either has demands of her.   She has devoted herself to continuing educations in her field to enrich her vision and scope.  Terri enjoys time with her family including working on her family farm, active participation in charitable endeavors, gardening and home improvement projects.


Jeff Harvey – Retail Relations Manager

Jeff Harvey is a native of Portland, who, after 6 years traveling around the world, has returned to his homeland. Jeff’s passion for food was sparked while living in London (of all places) while learning to cook for himself. At the same time, Jeff started learning about food, it’s impact on the land, and the importance of the food we put into our bodies. Reforming the food system through business became his mission in life.

But before he discovered Fishpeople, Jeff took a detour and worked for a biodegradable diaper company, gDiapers, and earned his stripes in sustainable business as he helped the company expand its sales operations in the US, on-line, and internationally to Europe and Canada. Jeff also moonlighted as a creative director and organizer for a pop-up restaurant, The Open Kitchen, which partnered with local chefs, wineries, and farms to showcase the food bounty of the Portland area.

At Fishpeople, Jeff’s roll is to develop relationships with the retailers and distributors who are an integral part of the Fishpeople story. His mission is to help both retailers and eaters discover Fishpeople in the store.While not at Fishpeople, Jeff enjoys playing tennis, working at the PSU Farmers Market, and exploring with friends the many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that make Portland so special.