Food Circle

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Our seafood is rigorously screened and sustainably harvested.

We’ve spoken to biologists, fishermen, tribal leaders, ecologists, and government regulators to pick the seafood that meet our high standards of Healthy Fish and Healthy People. You can learn more about the Magnificent 7 sustainably caught seafood species that are featured in our product line, by reading our custom built Seafood Ratings chart.

Caught locally using responsible methods to protect the ecosystem.

When it comes to the Columbia River Salmon, our nets only catch the hatchery Chinook that were literally born to be on your plate. We’ve chosen Young’s Bay on the lower river as our fishing hole, where Chinook Salmon are hatched and set free to live their life in the wild. They return to the same location where they were released and this means that they are caught before traveling with the precious and rare native fish that are heading up-river to their historic baby-making digs.

Our Albacore tuna come all the way from Japan, where they are born and live for about 3 years of boarding school before heading across the Pacific to the great upwelling off the West Coast of America. Our fishermen catch the best and brightest young fish by “hook and line” and bring them to port in Charleston.

Ready in 3 minutes. Smells nothing but wonderful. No bones about it.

When you open a Fishpeople pouch, you will be amazed by the flavor and fresh aroma of the product. Like it was just slid out of your favorite restauranteuers pan right on to your plate! This is made possible by our “poaching pouch” technology that uses a third of the cook time of canning processes – sealing every ounce of the mouth watering flavor in and food loving micro-organisms locked out. Take our pouches camping, to the office, or for a quick meal on a busy night. With three different ways to heat & eat – there is no easier way to enjoy local seafood! No bones. No skin. Just yum.

Quick. Easy. Tasty. Loaded with healthy Omega-3’s.

Not only are Fishpeople’s entrées delicious on steamed rice, pasta or veggies but they are super good for you! For example, in a pouch of our chowder, you will get a big ol’ dose of immune supporting zinc from the oysters, and the brain building power of Omega 3’s from the salmon. And, just to go the extra knot, we test each batch of our salmon and tuna to ensure they live up to your expectations of purity with the lowest possible mercury and highest levels of essential oils and mineral…. If you are what you eat… its truly great to be a fish-person!

Prepared fresh from own recipes. All natural. Nothing added.

We’ve worked with some of Pacific NW’s top chef’s and had many consumers just like you taste our recipes and help us pick the top four. We seek out organically grown ingredients and unless it comes from the tropics… we buy everything else from our neighbors locally. Go ahead, read the ingredients – We bet you can understand every word! Our goal is to be as transparent as seawater, so, you can search the batch numbers on our landing page to learn EXACTLY what is in your pouch, and where it came from.


Fish People Shared Purpose Statement

NOURISH our customers with delicious & healthy food from the sea.
RESPECT our fellow supply chain members & pay them well.
SUSTAIN wild fish species & habitats.