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Omega 3's
Seafood- like salmon, oysters and tuna – are a known to be fantastic sources of Omega 3’s. These little fatty acid beauties have been associated with improved health of both body and mind. Honestly, in each fishy bite you are giving your body what it needs to improve cardiovascular health, prevent depression, and strengthen cognitive abilities. It seems that every day a new study comes out highlighting how important Omega 3 fatty acids are to a thriving population. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look here to learn more.

Coconut Milk
Although technically high in saturated fat, coconut oils have been shown to help lower cholesterol and foster weight loss! This appears to be due to the good work of auric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid. These “medium chain fatty acids” act differently in the body than saturated fats that originate from hydrogenated vegetable oils, and can actually promote health and nutrition.  Others have shown improved cognitive abilities when using coconut products as part of a Ketogenic diet in which ketones found in coconut oil help to fuel the brain when it is not processing glucose properly.  All while tasting delicious and satisfying due to its rich flavor.



While many have heard about Mercury being found in Tuna, few of us know about the amazing work of Selenium. A natural antioxidant, Selenium works to identify and remove free radicals from our bodies, which may help reduce our risks of cancer. In fact, Mercury is one of the free radicals that Selenium works to disarm! The good news is, that the Albacore Tuna found here on the Oregon coast has some of the lowest levels of Mercury and highest levels of Selenium that you can find in a tuna. We’ve had our tuna lab tested to be sure of its safety, and our tuna has some of the lowest rates of Mercury of all those tested by the FDA and a Selenium/Mercury ratio of 3 to 1! Because the mercury levels in our Tuna are more similar to that of other “low-risk” fish, a woman of reproductive age could eat 6 pouches of our tuna entrees per week without any risks associated with Mercury. We say – Go for it!

Whole Ingredients
We realize that there are many differing opinions on what is “healthy” – so we thought we would tell you about our point of view. We believe in using ingredients in their natural state so that they are full of the nutrition you need to thrive. Because our fish, sauces and veggies are poached right in the pouches, all their vitamins and minerals stay inside. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we work hard and play hard – Fishpeople’s pouches are hearty meals that sustain you through the day, without sacrificing on the taste!

Gluten Free: Grain free fishpeople.  Delicious and worry free.  Eat with green veggies!At Fishpeople, we work hard to make sure we aren’t sneaking anything in on ya – especially when it comes to allergens!  With the exception of our Pasta entrée, our products are all made with ingredients that don’t contain gluten.  Unfortunately, our facility isn’t Gluten Free Certified, so we can’t say it on our packaging, but just to make extra doubly sure, we test each batch to ensure that there aren’t any sneaky gluten bits making their way into our sauces.  So far, we are clean as a whistle! The tests can register as little as 5 ppm, but they haven’t found anything yet.


One of our secret motivations here at Fishpeople is that we are all about creating the economy we want to see here in Oregon. We believe that a product made in our region – for our region supports not only the local economy, but also ensures the best taste, quality and partnerships that can last a life-time. Also we know with every dollar we spend here in the Pacific Northwest causes in a ripple effect that results in more money staying here. We look high and low to find the right partners that will grow our ingredients, catch our fish and put it all together into one beautiful meal. Check out this PDF created by Yes! Magazine to see why local purchasing is so great.

When Fishpeople first began, we started to by narrowing down the fish we would use from all the offerings you can find on the Oregon and Washington coasts. We analyzed countless sources including the information gathered by Monterrey Bay Aquarium and Blue Ocean Institute. We also spoke to the Oregon and Washington’s Departments of Wildlife, Tribal leaders, Biologists and independent experts. You can find our summarized results here. (link to roll-up)

Our in-house expert, Charlie Slate, has been working in the seafood industry for years. He knows all the players and all the issues. When it comes to salmon, he knew that the Columbia River Salmon from Youngs Bay is the best in the region. We chose these fish because it is a terminal fishery – meaning all the salmon we use are returning hatchery-bred fish. The use of these fish virtually eliminates the issue of by-catch as wild salmon do not enter the bay, but rather return upstream to their traditional baby-makin’ digs up the Columbia River. If you are like us, you love fish for the taste and all the health properties but want to make sure they are around for generations to come!


Our pouches utilize a technology called “retorting” to cook and seal our products in a lightweight pouch via steam heat.  This process is very similar to canning in a jar or aluminum can, but its just in a pouch! The pouch itself is made up of 3 layers:  polyester, nylon &  polypropylene.  Even though this sounds like the makings of a rain jacket,  if you look at the overall lifecycle of our pouches, they use significantly fewer resources than our canned tuna friends just a few-shelves over. While our poaching pouches are technically recyclable, the majority of the municipal recycling systems in the US aren’t up to the task. That’s why we are on the hunt for great re-use ideas. Got one? Tell us all about it at  info@fishpeopleseafood.com.

BPA or Bisphenol-A is frequently used in plastic food containers and the inside liners of cans. What is known is that BPA is an endocrine disruptor. There is concern that this could have negative effects on humans, but particularly developing children. There is a great deal of debate on the effects of this chemical and its effect on people. Conscious companies, like Fishpeople are taking the step away from BPA to be confident that their products aren’t harmful to the people – while the researchers battle it out. We at Fishpeople decided that we shouldn’t take risks. Besides, we are parents too.

Nexus Company
Fishpeople is what we call a “Nexus” company. This means that we strive to reach for balance between environmental, social and financial impact as we grow. Our founders, investors and staff are all dedicated to living our values through this company – all while making a delicious product! Some examples of this are our commitment to purchasing ingredients locally as much as possible, and holding our selves and our suppliers to the highest standards. You can feel good that when you purchase one of our entrees, because not only are they delicious – but that you are supporting folks doing good work in our region.