Batch Code SSS0402 – Smoked Salmon & Smoked Oyster Chowder

Smoked Pacific OystersGrown in Yaqunia Bay by Oregon Oyster Farms and smoked by Barnacle Bills
Oregon Oyster Farms is the oldest oyster farm in the state. With nothing by the highest quality oysters that set the bar for the region.

Established in 1947, Barnacle Bill's is a family owned operation and one of the west coast's best kept fresh seafood secrets. They're just big enough to deliver a bounty of incredibly fresh seafood options but small enough to ensure you're never disappointed.
Smoked Fall Run Chinook SalmonFrom Young’s Bay and smoked by Barnacle Bills in Lincoln City. Our Fall Chinook are harvested in Young's Bay, part of the estuary of the Columbia River near Astoria Oregon. We choose to use these fish because Young's Bay is a terminal fishery, meaning all the salmon we use are returning hatchery bred fish whose harvest has zero impact on the wild stocks of native salmon.

The use of these fish virtually eliminates the issue of by-catch as 99 to 100% of the wild fish do not enter the bay in their return upstream to their spawning grounds on the Columbia River.

These are very high quality fish, rich in flavor and high in essential heart healthy Omega 3's.
CreamAndersen Dairy, Battleground, WAStarted in 1967, Andersen Dairy gets all of his milk from four farms – two of which they own and are located right in Battle Ground, the other two are in Camas, OR and Clark County, WA. They are kosher certified and they specialize in a slow pasteurization process which they attribute to the best tasting cream in the industry.
Potatoes, Onion, CornOregon/Washington FarmsGrown and Processed in the Pacific Northwest. Because our region grows such an abundance of these ingredients, they are collated from several farms and we can only trace back to the processing facilities, which are regional.
Fennel, Celery, Red Peppers, Siri & Sons FarmThese organic veggies were sourced from Siri & Sons farm right here in the valley. Picked and chopped at the peak of the season the peppers were so beautiful, it was almost a shame to chop them!
GarlicChristopher RanchElmira, CA is the garlic growing capital of the entire country.
ThymeCircle H FarmCircle h Farm is a family-operated organic farm located on Lost Creek, near Dexter, in the Southern Willamette Valley. Run by a brother and sister team, the Circle h name comes from their great-grandparents who owned the land the farm is on today. They used a circle h brand on
their cattle.
Lemon JuiceNielsens' Concentrates California
A frozen, pulpy concentrate lemon juice without chemicals, coloring, preservatives or off flavors.
Hot SauceTabascoThis classic hot sauce brings a bit of zing with only the simplest of ingredients.
Fish SauceRed BoatThe purest form of Pho Quoc sauce that is sourced from Vietnam’s island famed for this delicious juice. This video is a fascinating minute long look.